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GeelongPort establishes the Geelong Hydrogen Hub

30 NOVEMBER 2021

GeelongPort today announced plans to expand its current operations with a $100 million investment to build the Geelong Hydrogen Hub, a production and distribution facility for Green Hydrogen that will accelerate Victoria’s transition to a clean energy future. GeelongPort also announced CAC-H2 as the Hub’s foundation green hydrogen developer. This announcement signals GeelongPort’s continued commitment to tackling climate change and its goal of becoming Australia’s most sustainable bulk port. GeelongPort CEO Brett Winter said he was pleased to announce this positive step forward for the Geelong region and Australia’s climate change approach. “We acknowledge that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing communities globally, and we need to do everything we can at a local level to respond and minimise these impacts,” Mr Winter said. “As an infrastructure asset and key regional gateway for Victoria’s supply chains, we need to be adaptive and responsive to the impacts of climate change to ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of businesses and communities that rely on us so heavily. “This is why we are proud to be partnering with CAC-H2 as our foundation partner to generate Green Hydrogen and establish the Geelong Hydrogen Hub. “The Geelong Hydrogen Hub will position Geelong as a leader in the development of clean energy infrastructure.” The Geelong Hydrogen Hub will be a production and distribution facility for Green Hydrogen, a sustainable energy carrier that can be used as an alternative fuel source for Victorian households, businesses and industries and help reduce Victoria’s reliance on fossil fuels. Development of the Geelong Hydrogen Hub will also include the ability to produce Green Ammonia for export into Asia to meet the growing demand in the region. CAC-H2 Chief Executive Officer Glenn Davies said, “We are excited to be partnering with GeelongPort and being the first to form part of the Geelong Hydrogen Hub.” “At CAC-H2, we are working hard to achieve net-zero emissions through the development of green hydrogen and renewable energy assets and look forward to bringing clean energy infrastructure to Geelong and Victorian communities.” Pending regulatory approvals, the first stage of the Geelong Hydrogen Hub is expected to be operational in December 2023, creating over 50 jobs during its construction and establishing many more direct and indirect clean energy jobs as Victoria transitions to Green Hydrogen. CAC-H2 Director Arman Massoumi said, “This is a landmark deal to partner with a world-class facility such as GeelongPort whilst supporting Victoria’s path to net zero.” GeelongPort has also partnered with Startupbootcamp’s Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology cluster and is engaging with interested parties to identify future partnership opportunities in developing the Geelong Hydrogen Hub at GeelongPort. GeelongPort will be engaging with the local community in establishing Geelong as a leader in the development of green hydrogen and the transition to clean energy. For more information visit

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