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How to Set up a Home Office When You Have a Space Crunch, by Emma Croft.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

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Over the past few years having a home office has become a necessity, but not everyone has ample space to set up one in their house. But as this article will explore, one does not need a dedicated room to set up a home office, and by following the below-mentioned steps, you can set up one in any corner of your home.

Assess Your Space Review your living space and try to shortlist the best place to set up a workstation. Ideally, you should choose a space that receives ample sunlight and fresh air throughout the day.

Additionally, if you live in a home with kids, a large family, or numerous roommates, it’s best to choose a space away from common areas such as the living room or kitchen to avoid working in noisy surroundings.

Additionally, look to invest in an ergonomic chair and a dedicated work table as these will create the foundation of a good workstation allowing you to work those long hours without the hassle of dealing with back, neck, or shoulder pain.

Make Organization a Priority

The key to creating a productive workspace in limited space is to be organized in the following ways:

● Buy Vertical Shelving: Rather than have paperwork and equipment scattered across

your desk and room, place it on vertical shelves which can store a large number of

belongings in limited space.

● Remove Clutter: Strive to only have necessary items in and around the workstation.

This can include your laptop, monitor, notepad, water bottle, etc. All other excess

belongings such as newspapers, magazines, files, and more should be discarded to

keep the space clean and tidy.

● Adopt a Digital Approach: You can avoid having to deal with the mess of handling

paperwork by adopting a digital approach to working. This means speaking with your

service providers such as banks, suppliers, and phone companies to discontinue

receiving physical copies of bills, invoices, etc. Rather instruct them to share it online.

This approach can be extended to other business/work activities as well by using cloud

storage, messaging apps, and digital tools.

Keep Your Desk Clean

As reported by News Wise, clutter in the workspace has a significant negative impact on one’s mental health and productivity. Having a cluttered desk can not only make it harder to work but can become a prime contributor to stress. Here are a few steps to keep your desk clean and create a productive workstation:

● Keep the desk tidy by only having necessary documents on it which can include reports,

case filings, etc. All other documents should either be kept in storage or on the cloud.

● Avoid eating at your desk as it is bound to dirty it and add to the clutter.

● Buy a houseplant or two and keep it on the desk at all times. As reported by Fortune

Well, houseplants serve as natural stress busters and can be a boom for mental health

when working from home.

Be on Top of Climate Control

A well-functioning HVAC system is a must when working from home, especially if you live in an area known for its harsh summers. Being on top of indoor climate control will allow you to create a comfortable work environment and keep distractions at bay.

If your HVAC system is old or showing signs of malfunction such as making loud noises, it’s

best to schedule service as soon as possible. Oftentimes a simple coolant refill will do the trick, but if needed, your HVAC professional will suggest replacing a motor or a thorough cleaning of the ducts and filters.

Having limited space should not be a barrier to creating a great home office. Purchasing vertical shelving will be perfect for safely storing all your work-related documents, additionally, you’ll significantly reduce your need for space by adopting a digital-first approach. Remember to

ensure your HVAC climate control works as expected to provide you with the best working

conditions at all times.

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Article written & supplied by: Emma Croft

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