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Australian farmers set to harvest largest crop but recent rain has brought pricing pain

Grain growers will harvest Australia's largest ever crop this year, according to the federal government forecaster.

Key points:

  • Government forecaster ABARES expects a record winter grain harvest this year

  • Growers dealing with floods and heavy rain fear they will miss out on historically high prices

  • Damaged crops will be downgraded and sold for lower prices

But there are fears that recent rain and flooding in eastern states will mean farmers miss out on historically high prices.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences expects 58.4 million tonnes will be harvested for the 2021-22 season, driven by record production in Western Australia and the second largest crop expected in New South Wales.

It has not yet estimated the value of crop production.

ABARES executive director Jared Greenville says rainfall throughout the year had driven production, expected to be up 5 per cent on last year's bumper harvest.

"It's basically because of the weather," Dr Greenville said.

"We've had good conditions on the west coast, and good conditions on the east coast ... [because of that] we're looking at the biggest ever winter crop produced in Australia."

ABARES expects a record wheat crop will be harvested at an estimated 34.4 million tonnes.

Despite trade lost to sanctions imposed by China, ABARES said Australia's second largest barley crop will be harvested at 13.3 million tonnes, and a further 5.7 million tonnes of canola is expected.

That is 27 per cent more than the previous record set last year.

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