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Going Global is scary, but with the right partners can be easy

7 Reasons to try:

1. New Revenue Potential - access to a much larger base of customers. If your product or service is a success, you can enjoy increased revenues

2. Your solutions can improve wellbeing - you can help a number of people find the answers to the questions or challenges your company helps solve. 3. Greater Access to Talent - ability to select and partner with those people that can help your business thrive, plus find potential taletn that have skills whcih are hard to find in your home country, creating a competitive advantage.

4. Learning a New Culture - get a greater indepth knoweldge of local markets and what makes them tick, get a new perspective on relations with customers, and may even help you work better with domestic customers and business partners. 5. Exposure to Foreign Investment Opportunities - you can more easily learn about these investment opportunities and how beneficial they can be for your company. 6. Improving Your Company’s Reputation & Brand - market your offerings to a totally different population will enjoy the prestige of calling themselves an international company. It is not an easy feat to accomplish, meaning prospects and potential business partners 7. Diversifying for reduced Risk - If your business only has one or two areas where it can sell services or products, this increases your risk of failure due to factors outside your control, by opening more makrets it can lower your risk Going global has a number of advantages and challenges and If you create an effective strategy for reducigng risk then going globla can help you reap many benefits that your business will get to enjoy for years into the future.

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