Australian Plant Proteins: Optimised faba bean protein extraction

Australian Plant Proteins (APP) optimised the protein content extracted from faba beans to more than 80% through a CSIRO Kick-Start project.


Australian Plant Proteins undertook a CSIRO Kick-Start project to optimise faba bean powder production.

Australian Plant Proteins (APP) recognised the increase in consumer demand for plant-based protein sources, especially in the health and wellness sector, as a sustainable replacement for animal proteins. With the company directors growing up on farms in regional Victoria, APP sought to develop a premium plant-based protein powder from Victorian-grown pulses, in particular faba beans. After completing several small-scale manufacturing runs of their proprietary processing technology at the CSIRO Food Innovation Centre in Werribee, APP took their prototype to market and found that the powder they produced was a high-demand ingredient for a range of food products in both national and international markets.


Not content with their current processing achievements, APP wanted to establish an optimised process to separate the protein fraction of faba bean concentrate, and produce a powder with significantly better functional properties (taste, odour, colour and solubility) than other products on the market. This would enable them to break into the burgeoning American and Canadian markets, dominated by soy and pea based protein powders, and provide confidence to seek capital to set up a production facility in regional Australia.

APP also sought to further develop their strategy for using the associated starch and fibre by-products.


Led by CSIRO food manufacturing specialist Darren Gardiner, APP undertook a CSIRO Kick-Start project to optimise faba bean powder production, including testing the feasibility of ultrafiltration to increase the protein concentration. Using commercial-scale equipment, Darren’s team identified and optimised a number of processing parameters to achieve a final faba bean powder protein content of greater than 80 per cent – far greater than the 40-45 per cent protein of traditional plant-based powders.

All outcomes have assisted us in fine tuning our by-product strategy and equipment sizing needs for our production facility. Phil McFarlane, APP’s Managing Director

After the success of the CSIRO Kick-Start project, APP have recently announced the two-phase development of a $35-million plant-protein processing facility in Horsham, Victoria, with protein powder production scheduled to commence in the second half of 2019. The processing plant is expected to create dozens of jobs and broad acre farming opportunities, representing a major economic boost for the agricultural industry in the Wimmera region.

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